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Gongfu Tea Ritual
With Chivito

The mountains call to me

when I linger away too long.

The river’s song beckons me

to come on home.


For thousands of years, people would pilgrimage to a place in the nature where through ritual, contemplation and soulful conversation would reconnect and tap into what is called the river beneath the river of your life.

Join me in Tea Temple enshrined within old cedars and the songs of creek water.  As we sit on floor cushions around the tea table, the forest is viewed through a large window where we may catch its scent, witness the shifting shades and colors, feel into its presence as it holds us in this ritual space.


We partake in a gongfu style tea ritual as we enter the deeper conversations that draw out the hidden layers, mythic motifs and sacred invitations.  Gongfu style leaves are considered sacred, come from old trees, mountains and are carefully aged through time honored traditions. 


The leaves are selected per the nature of our state of being  as we enter the ritualized space.  Some draw dispersed energy back into our center. Others takes us to “heaven” while others re-root us into the earth.  We experience how the leaves or flowers are actually stewarding us through the experience and the conversations.

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Choose From:

Introductory Tea Session

Inner Cultivation Tea Session

Hidden Mysteries

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If you're new to Chivito or curious to explore which path to take, schedule a 60 minute tea Session to connect in and explore.

Gongfu Tea Ritual is a potent vehicle for inner cultivation. It’s a gateway into the deeper layers of reality and self.  Experience the subtle relationships and qualities giving form and expression to life.

Traditional forms of learning weren’t through direct instruction but through an indirect route that alerted the mysteries you were ready to receive them.

Each sitting last between 60-90 mins.  The tea leaves themselves inform us of our duration, the direction of conversation, the hidden layers and gifts to be offered us.

Click the book now below to fill out a brief questionnaire and schedule your time with Chivito.

$108 per sitting.

Can be shared with up to 2 people.

(Only $108 for the 60-90 session.)


6928 SE 122nd Dr

Portland OR 97236

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