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Types of Sessions

The ever changing terrain of life is inviting us in.  Times of Grief tending, life stage transitions and tending to our shadows. 


Other times we focus on inner cultivation, leaning into the deeper layers of our experience, grow into our "medicine." 


Review the descriptions of sessions below

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Raven Eye View
Clarity Session

We all experience moments when the path ahead is unclear or when we're ready to break free from a recurring patterns.

But because we're always looking out our own eyes we don't see the hidden blocks, beliefs or stories that bind us. 

In this session we gain a raven's eye view that reveals with pristine clarity how to make the shift you want to make.

This is a potent & valuable session we recommend having 4 or more times a year as we shift with the seasons.


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Shadow Work

Shadow work... The Dark Descent of Soul is a kind of Soul Retrieval.   


This is an Indigenous and mythic approach to shadow work.  Instead of an adversarial mindset of vanquishing our "shadows" we lean in, trail the questions we haven't yet thought to ask, harvest the medicine and gifts they have to offer. 

It's shared our deepest wounds and greatest gifts reside in the same space within us


Grief Tending

Everyone of us will experience loss. Our modern world no longer has the traditions, rituals and understanding with navigating the deep well of grief and so many fear grief, that it may swallow them in the dark depth of the well. 

Indigenous and ancestral cultures recognized grief as an important part of life... that it is the other side of the coin of love.  We grieve because we've loved and been touched by life.  

Chivito will help you navigate your terrain of grief, customize grief tending rituals, and enter new relationship so your grief becomes integrated and a holy part of your life. 

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Personal Myth

The Elder's share we've fallen out of our story. Learn how to identify the story being lived through you and embody your personal myth.

We'll lean into the mythic motifs, archetypes, where you are within your story and hero's journey and reveal the hidden layers and invitations being offer you. 

Knowing the story you're in empowers you, give you clarity and direction, offers you a felt experience of being embodied and walking your path with awareness. 

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In Person Session

Join Chivito at the Tea Temple Sanctuary just outside of Portland OR

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Phone Session

Not all can pilgrimage to the Sanctuary. Chivito offers a few Phone Session Options

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