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Hidden Mysteries
Tea Session

“There are deeper teachings that can’t be taught but arrive and reveal themselves when the time and space is crafted for them to enter and speak with you.”


Traditional forms of learning weren’t through direct instruction but through an indirect route that alerted the mysteries you were ready to receive them.  It recognizing the “Teachings or Mysteries” are sentient in their own right and ate stalking us… are inviting us in.  Through crafted experiences, stories, and conversations they find the space within us to arrive into and take up residency so to become our own.

This session is crafted for us to enter the hidden teachings, mysteries and remembrances.  By the combination of crafting sacred space, participating in ritualized awareness and the sentient presence within the tea leaves, we enter a felt energetic field for the hidden teachings and reflections to reveal themselves and speak to us.


You can bring in specific intentions, questions or curiosities or we can allow what is wanting to come through speak with us.

We  may lean into the teachings and mysteries of being within The Dreaming (hologram) of life, of how to discern what to be aware of and cultivate our own consciousness that we may be co-weavers of The Dreaming.

We offer only 1-2 of these sessions/day.


Instead of passing on information, we’re given a felt experience of the teachings themselves.

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Each sitting last between 60-90 mins.  The tea leaves themselves inform us of our duration, the direction of conversation, the hidden layers and gifts to be offered us.

Click the book now below to fill out a brief questionnaire and schedule your time with Chivito.

$126 per sitting.

Can be shared with up to 2 people.

(Only $126 for the 60-90 session.)


6928 SE 122nd Dr

Portland OR 97236

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