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Introductory Tea Session
With Chivito

If you’re new to me or curious about an offering or mentorship, join me for an introductory session to connect.  Journey to our special sanctuary amongst the cedars with the songs of creek waters burbling by.  We may share in some gongfu cha and connect in with where you are and what’s calling you.

From this session, you walk away with new clarity and feeling enriched by the experience.  If we feel aligned, we’ll take the next step.  If there’s other services that’ll be better, I’ll offer some recommendations and referrals.


Tea ritual invites us into a space of "presence", connected in with the unseen influences of nature, restores a deeper remembrance of our belonging that's always been

Each sitting last 60 mins.  

Click the book now below to fill out a brief questionnaire and schedule your time with Chivito.

$108 per sitting.


6928 SE 122nd Dr

Portland OR 97236

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