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Inner Cultivation Tea Session

Gongfu Tea Ritual is a potent vehicle for inner cultivation. It’s a gateway into the deeper layers of reality and self.


Inner Cultivation is a process of deepening our awareness beyond the surface level of life where you become aware of what to be aware of and hence become embodied in a heightened ability to consciously co-weave reality.

Through Gongfu Cha Ritual, we EXPERIENCE the subtle relationships, flows and expressions weaving reality within and without.  Together we get to interact with them, witness how they respond to us, play with us… steward us. Through ritualized awareness discerning these subtleties, you experience the veils of life being pulled back and have a felt experience of a greater belonging we’re part of that’s woven beneath the mundane surface of life.

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Tea ritual invites us into a space of "presence", connected in with the unseen influences of nature, restores a deeper remembrance of our belonging that's always been

And through this experience we come into a deeper awareness of Self and grow our ability to influence and be part of our relationships with the flow, people and expressions in our own life.  Once you see and experience these deeper layers, you live with greater ease and power to create with life as it’s happening around you moment by moment.

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Each sitting last between 60-90 mins.  The tea leaves themselves inform us of our duration, the direction of conversation, the hidden layers and gifts to be offered us.

Click the book now below to fill out a brief questionnaire and schedule your time with Chivito.

$126 per sitting.

Can be shared with up to 2 people.

(Only $108 for the 60-90 session.)


6928 SE 122nd Dr

Portland OR 97236

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