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In Person Sessions

Join me in person at the Tea Temple nestled just on the wild edges of Portland OR

These aren't your typical Therapy or Mentor Sessions.


We craft each session to be a potent and personalized experience.  We carefully prepare the space before your arrival with smudging, drumming and traditional protocol.


We select rare aged tea leaves or specialized herbal decoctions tailored to you to begin with a ritual of arriving into the customized space.


You're artfullly guided through your sessions through skilled inquiry, story, and dialogue.


You'll leave each session with renewed clarity and understanding of the deeper layers you're present life is offering you.  You'll have new skills and clear actionable steps to give you an advantage moving forward.


Each Session includes a write-up of our time together so you can revisit and reflect.


Sessions are typically 60 - 75 minutes in duration

Review Types of Sessions

First Session

If this is your first session with Chivito, click the button below to fill out brief questionnaire to introduce yourself, connect in and schedule a time with Chivito 


60 - 90 mins


Write up of session

Rare Tea or Special Herbal Decoction

Learning Trail

If you're part of a current program, use the link below to schedule your next session.

Coyote Mentorship

Use this link if you're part of the Coyote mentorship

with Chivito



Use the link below if you've already had a sessions with Chivito and you're scheduling a new session to connect in.


60 - 90 mins


Write up of session

Rare Tea or Special Herbal Decoction

15 Min Free Consult

If you have questions or unsure how to get started, please schedule a FREE phone consultation.

OR email me at

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Raven's Eye View

Use this button to schedule a Raven's Eye View clarity Session.  Includes full write-up.

See Types of Sessions for details 


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