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Opportunities to connect

Would you like to connect with Chivito in person or on the phone? 


Chivito is open to connecting with others and shares in a more traditional way.  For him, it’s about arriving into presence together, connecting in with the land and sacred otherness, and from here engaging in meaningful conversation, ritual, humor, and the mythic-poetic nature of our lived experience.


He guides others from Ayur-Mythic Psychology and has been committed to raising the standards in psychotherapy.  He has over 20 years of training and experience guiding others through their inner terrain, tapping into their personal myth and navigating the rich inner layers.


Whether you're curious to experience time with Chivito or you’re wanting to dive into the deep depths of the current story/experience you're in to draw out the hidden layers and meanings, below is a few options with how you may connect.

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 6.41.06 AM.png

Join Chivito in his humble mountain hut for tea ritual & mythic reflections


Nature Walk with Chivito

Join Chivito on a walk  to the lake...Nature has a way of revealing deeper reflections.

Will Resume In Spring after snow's have melt

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Live outside of the area? Connect with Chivito via phone or video.


Join Chivito in his humble hut along Lake Wenatchee just outside of Leavenworth Wa.

Click the link to share intention and schedule your time with Chivito. If you have questions, please email him at


to introduce yourself, intentions for connecting and any questions you have.


Below are a few focus for our session

Totem Pole

Personal Myth

The Elder's share we've fallen out of our story. Learn how to identify the story being lived through you and embody your personal myth.

African Masai in Traditional Dress

Life Stage Transition

We make many transitions into new stages of life. There's an indigenous understanding of how to do so. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 7.33.20 AM.png

Trika Tantrika Shamanism

The shamanic path is one walked through direct experience as yo cultivate your awareness. Learn in the traditional way.

Brazilian Girls

De-Colonize Your Mind

When we break free from the spells casted via colonization & Christian conditioning we restore a natural sense of connection, flow, and belonging.

Wandering Traveler

Living Hozho

The Daneh say "Hozho" and translates as "Walk in beauty." It's a way of being, listening, and being dreamt into the world. 

Sunset Portrait

Dark Descent

We all experience uncertainty, loss and struggle. Receive traditional guidance as you navigate your shadowlands.

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