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Upcoming Books

Soul Retrieval Through Life Review

Available  August 2024. 

Soul Retrieval Through Life Review takes you on a profound journey to discover the deeper meanings and hidden reasons behind your life experiences. By reclaiming and integrating the lost and fragmented parts of yourself, you embody the gifts, strengths, and personal power your lived experiences have afforded you.


This book provides clear, practical instructions for conducting a Life Review while artfully weaving together Indigenous perspectives, modern psychology, and cultural traditions from around the world. It helps you cut through false personal narratives and uncover the unique story that is yours alone.


This book will guide you through three transformative phases:

  • Understanding Hidden Narratives: Identify and reframe unconscious stories shaping your life.

  • Conducting a Life Review: Step-by-step guidance for a comprehensive life review.

  • Healing Rituals and Practices: Rituals for healing, grief tending, soul retrieval, and living an embodied life.


Embark on this journey to transform your past, heal emotional wounds, and embrace the profound beauty of your life's journey. Discover the unique story that has been lived through you and unlock your true potential.

Raven Speech

Available Jan 2025. 

In this book, Chivito recounts the stories learning from traditional Elders in the old way.  He reveals the teachings, stories, and experiences taught in the oral tradition and the practices and rituals of being initiated into Sakuwea... Shaman and Tswalk. 

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Howling Moon Deer

A mythic-poetic remembrance of the life we live

Upcoming Book to be available mid 2025. 


In this upcoming book, Chivito offers a collection of inspired writings that offer a felt remembrance of our own mythic nature and relationship with how we're being dreamt into the world. A book you can turn to any page at any time, like a living tarot deck, and receive new clarity, remembrance, and direction. Poems, short stories, and inspired prose that offers questions you haven't yet thought to ask, reflections that empower a deeper perspective of life and the initiatory path you walk.

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Online Courses

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The White Snake

Through reflective storytelling we draw out mythic parallels shed light on the invisible spells casted that are limiting and blocking us. We reveal how to see these in your present life and how to make the shift to experience flow, connection, and personal power.

Coming Soon
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In this course, we reveal the indigenous psychology that weaves you back into connection, flow and experiencing the sacred in everyday life.  We reveal key colonized mindsets that disconnects us and provide practical steps with making the shift to Hozho...walking in beauty

Coming Soon
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