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Mastering Abundance

Enrollment is now closed.  We'll offer this again soon.
A deep and soulful dive into our relationship with money and actively adopting a new psychology of abundance & flow

This is a six week focused intensive to break the spells around money, self-worth and abundance. In a small group of six people, we reflect, apply ourselves and make a felt shift with our relationship with money, ourselves & abundance that's readily available to us.

It's recognized that what we're capable of ( i.e. what we can or can't do or have) entirely depends on our psychology--The beliefs, stories and conditioning we hold of the world.

Learn to see with new eyes

& receive

What is your present relationship with money and abundance costing you in your sense of worth, quality of life or ability to experience life as you want?

Through heart centered discussions, storytelling and indigenous wisdom, we examine our attitudes toward money—earning it, spending, it, and giving it away.  

We pull back the veils to see the core beliefs, stories, and stigmas we have around money and identify where we hold these in ourselves so we can see them, work with them, and shift into mindsets of abundance, receiving, and gifting. 

The focus of this journey is to actively make the shift each week so we experience the tangible results of doing so together.

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When we de-colonize our conditioning around money & self-worth we experience money as a flow of energy which we may receive, re-direct, and channel.  We experience money is merely a small part of what generates authentic and lasting abundance.

It’s said “Bad storytelling casts spells… good storytelling breaks spells” ~Martin Shaw


We’ve been conditioned with stories about money, how to acquire it, evils of money, our sense of worth, and what we must compromise to get it… stories that have casted spells and keep abundance and flow just out of reach when it’s readily available to everyone.

Be part of a soulful and heart centered group as we courageously take inventory of our relationship with money and abundance and actively apply ourselves and make the shift.

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From this journey you'll begin to:

  • Re-set your psychology and resonance with money, abundance and Self

  • Re-attune to the abundance and resources available to you

  • Establish a new relationship with your self worth

  • Gain new eyes to see the pathways of flow

  • Break the spells around money that block you

  • Experience money as a spiritual path and way of directing and receiving energy

  • Break free from patterns and mis-use of your money

  • Establish behaviors that increase wealth

What impact will it have to see with new eyes and attune yourself to abundance.  What would this open up for you?

Flow & How To Join

There are two options to join.  You may join us live at the Tea Temple on Sundays 2pm to 5pm OR gather around the virtual Fireside (zoom) on Wednesdays 6pm to 8:30pm

We circle together each week and through the traditional ways of storytelling, soulful dialogue and deep inquiry we both draw out the hidden layers and access knew perspectives and actions.

During the week we apply ourselves and then gather again the following week to share in our experiences and tap into new layers.

Investment $432

Tea Temple Dates

Sundays, 2pm to 5pm

March 19th & 26th

April 2nd, 9th, 23rd  & 30th

(we skip Easter Sunday)

Virtual Fireside (zoom) Dates

Wednesday 6pm to 8:30pm

March 22nd & 29th

April 5th, 12th, 29th, 26th

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To Join

To focus on depth and quality of experience, there's only 6 spots available. We're intentional with who we invite in and excited to invite those who are committed, open hearted, and excited to experience new relationship with abundance.

Email us at and share why you'd like to join. We'll then schedule a free 15 min call to connect in with you further.  The Tea Temple is a special and sacred space and honored to invite you in.

About Your Guide
Chivito Cowa

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