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Breaking Spells

Anchoring Into Your Personal Myth

We're gathering together once a week and unearthing the original ancestral understandings that anchor you in the deeper meanings and hidden layers within your life experiences that awaken your hidden powers and dreamings that have been blocked from you.

What we're doing here is unearthing the beauty, mythos and ancestral rememberings of how our life trials reveal the personal myth and story being uniquely lived through us.

It's said those who don't know their true stories don't have ancestors... they have ghost.   How many are living a haunted life.

Somewhere along the line we adopted beliefs, conditioning and ways of viewing our own life stories that blocks us and even keep us in a recurring self-defeating loop.  Spells have been cast!

When we break spells, we restore an original ancestral perspective that weaves us back into the hidden meanings that offer us healing, empowerment, and what the Navajo call "Walking in beauty." 

Join us Thursdays 6:30pm pst around the Virtual Fireside "zoom" as we restore the oral tradition of storytelling and reflective dialogue.  We lean into the mythos, symbology, and cultural understandings that reveal the mythic layers of our own life and gives us fresh eyes and fresh voice. 

Recommended Donation of $25

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