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Becoming Elder Instead of Older

Healing our past & Deepening into life

White hair doesn’t make an Elder.  ~ Old Proverb

We're circling together with Elders and those ready to harvest their life experiences and grow into the unique "medicine" your life has afforded you.... i.e. grow into an Elder.

Through the oral tradition of storytelling and reflective dialogue we gain new sight of our own life's experiences from an ancestral-mythos lens that offers you the hidden layers in your path and awakens your unique gifts.

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This is an offering for those who are now standing at a new vista point, looking back on the life they've lived and are feeling called to heal and deepen into the river beneath the river of your life.

Sometime after 40 we step through an invisible threshold and gain entrance to the second half of life. Something has changed inside us. We feel called to enter a deeper layer of life.

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It is said "Those who grow old without learning the story that is trying to live through them don’t become old enough or ancient enough to serve the dream of life. "

Hence the distinction between growing old vs becoming Elder.

Without healing our life's stories they tend to deteriorates us over time.  They cripple our vitality, our sense of wonder, and slowly resigns us to a life half lived.

As fellow Mythologists and Storyteller Martin Shaw shares"

Bad storytelling casts spells ~ Good storytelling break spells

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We heal our past by healing how

we understand our stories.

If you've ever sat with a traditional elder, what becomes very evident is they know their stories and that their stories are a source of strength and power because of "how" they know them.

It's evident that each time they tell a story they are receiving something new from it and so their stories are an endless source of learning, healing and maturing into their sense of Self.

This summer, join us twice a month amongst the cedars around the Koi pond, in the shade of beauty here at the Tea Temple as we learn to see our life experiences with new eyes.

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The What & How

Join us for our community BBQ & Potluck After!

Instead of a "Class," we're restoring cultural ways of circling together in The Way of Council that offer us a deeper soul fed experience.

We gather with Elders and through ritual, storytelling and reflective dialogue we discover new depth and understanding with our life experiences that brings healing, beauty and strength to our lived life.

Through an eco-psychological and Indigenous lens we restore a kind of beauty in our collective humanness.  We gain new sight in how life initiated us into deeper layers, how our wounds gave us entrance into hidden parts of ourselves that bloomed new understanding.  


In other words... we break spells and come back to an original understanding of our life.

Community Potluck & BBQ

Each Sunday we invite community over to bbq and potluck together... Share in the experience of community and meeting amazing people.  Bring something to throw on the bbq, a salad or other dish to share.  Bring your own beverages as well. 

We're helping to restore the sense of community and village culture. 

How To Join

Join us live at the tea temple  (Only 8 spots per circle) 

3:00am: to 5:00pm 1st & 3rd Sundays

 We ask for $35/Circle to support the space and bringing the teachings together


Join us for our community BBQ & Potluck after! 

Click Here to see Calendar for next dates

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