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Rites of Passage Guide

Helping others access the deeper layers of their path.

It's said there are two roads we walk. The one people see and the below road that only you know of navigating the inner terrain, personal edges, sense of adequacy, and what we're called to grow into. 

Through an Indigenous and Ancestral lens, we tap into the "river beneath the river" that reveals the hidden layers and invitations being offered you.


Begin with a free 30 minute call

Unsure how to begin or which direction to lean into? Schedule a free 30 min phone consultation to introduce yourself and begin the convresation

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Introductory Tea Session

Join Chivito in an introductory Gongfu Cha Ritual session here at the Tea Temple. A special way to connect with Chivito and share together.


Upcoming Books

Our wounds and path of life have hidden gifts for us.  Through inner cultivation, healing our storied past, and reclaiming a mythic lens we’re blooming into what the Dine’ call Hozho ~ “Walking in Beauty.”

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